Durian International
Jerry Jia-Sobota

Jerry Jia-Sobota

Member, Board of Trustees

Jerry Jia-Sobota is a highly skilled MBA professional with over 10 years of expertise in leadership, sales, finance, and administration across diverse industries. Fluent in multiple languages, Jerry brings a unique perspective and global outlook to his work.

Before joining EverGlade, Jerry excelled as a Futures Trader at one of China’s top three investment banks. His experience in the fast-paced world of finance honed his analytical skills and provided him with a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Jerry’s rich background encompasses various roles in different industries, allowing him to adapt and thrive in dynamic business environments. His proficiency in leadership, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of sales and finance, positions him as a valuable asset within any organization.

At Durian International, Jerry leverages his extensive expertise to drive success and deliver exceptional results. His diverse skill set and multicultural outlook enable him to navigate complexities and contribute effectively to the company’s growth and strategic objectives.